Monday, August 31, 2009

A Few Pictures from our DC Trip

While our trip to Washington DC was mostly about visiting our best friends, who had the nerve to move away from Santa Barbara, we also spent some time seeing some of the amazing sights the city has to offer. This past political season was very interesting to me, and historical architecture has also inspired me since I was pretty young. The buildings and history in Washington were fantastic. I really encourage everyone to try and visit at some point if you are at all interested in history or politics or if you have children. We took the fantastic metro system nearly the entire time, including to and from Reagan airport to our friends' house in Silver Sring. In addition to the National Mall, we also visited Dupont Circle, Adam's Morgan and Georgetown (really cool neighborhoods), the National Spy Museum (very crowded, but fascinating), walked through some of Rock Creek Park, and visited the National Cathedral (so glad we didn't miss this!). We didn't have the camera with us for everything, but here are some pictures from when we did have it:

I was amazed at how beautiful the Capitol Building is!
This sounds trite, but this is a TALL building!
Lots of people around Mr. Lincoln...

Crazy to think how much gets done in this building (or not done, depending on your beliefs)

We visited Baltimore's Inner Harbor one evening
Dinner in Baltimore at Luna Del Sea - Great crab cakes (broiled, not fried!), but my fish left something to be desired. I loved everything that everyone else got, though!
Really cool fountain at the back of the National Cathedral

Front of the cathedral
Archway at the National Cathedral
Thanks to H & L for being the best tourguides ever! We miss you!

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  1. I love DC! I spent a summer interning and my husband and I were there for the Inauguration in January. There's so much to do--and so much is free!