Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fire Drill Food Day 2 - Cajun Grilled Fish

As I said in the last post, I had to make quick stovetop meals last week due to the heat, threat of lost electricity and need to be plastered to the TV for news on the Jesusita fire. One of my favorite easy meals as a kid was fish sticks and macaroni & cheese (the blue box, baby!). I decided to make grilled fish and the blue box to achieve a slightly more mature level to the dinner. Because I didn't have time to go to my usual fresh fish market, I ended up getting orange roughy from the regular store, which is really tasty, but unfortunately, not a sustainable fish. I really try and eat sustainable fish most of the time (fish that is caught in ways that do not deplete the seafood supply), but this was a special circumstance. I coated the fish in cajun seasoning and grilled it up. The fish was very good. Oddly enough, the Kraft Mac & Cheese tasted a little off. Maybe that was the world's way of telling me that I need to be making that from scratch these days, I have the skills and shouldn't be using the shortcut. Maybe next time when it isn't so hot! This is another one that doesn't have nutrition info. Just use a light textured white fish coated in cajun spices and grill until fish is done.

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  1. Cajun flavors are awesome and this fish dish looks great!