Saturday, May 23, 2009

Vegas, Baby!

The Wednesday through Friday before Memorial Day, we decided to head to Las Vegas for no reason other than it was silly cheap. Round trip airfare was $75 per person after fees & taxes, and I got two nights at Paris Las Vegas using credit card points. With all those savings, we decided to really splurge on food while there.

The first night, we ate at Mon Ami Gabi which was convenient since it was at our hotel, and I had heard good things about the good quality for reasonable prices, as well as a great view. I loved my meal, but my husband ordered something that wasn't his style and was not a fan of the food, but he enjoyed the view and the service. 2 steak dinners with drinks was $80 including tip, so it was a very reasonable meal for Vegas. Here are a couple pictures of the view:

Later that evening, we went to the VooDoo Lounge at the Rio. We had been told that this was a must see location, and we loved it. We had a book of coupons that got us free entry into the club and two free drinks, which made it even better. We checked out the view for a bit, then went inside to order dessert and dessert drinks. This was so good, and it met my husband's requirement that we must enjoy a great dessert on this trip. See below for pictures of the view, the drinks, and the dessert:

The next day was a nondescript breakfast at the hotel cafe' and then off to lunch at the Burger Bar, which is one place that I loved from our trip last year. I didn't take a picture of my Kobe beef burger with cheddar & carmelized onion, but it was fantastic. If you haven't had a Kobe beef burger before, it is an unusual experience. The Kobe beef isn't special because it is more tender, but just more flavorful and beefy than regular beef. Burger Bar is a place where you can design your own burger with simple to fancy ingredients. I love it. Here are some pictures of our walk to Mandalay Bay from the monorail stop at MGM (we loved the monorail), as well as some pictures from the top of the Eiffel tower, which was nice, but not worth the $10 they normally charge (we got it free with our coupons):

That night, we enjoyed dinner & a show. After much deliberation, I decided on dinner at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill. I haven't always been a huge fan of Bobby Flay's Food Network shows, but he's grown on me since becoming an Iron Chef and especially, since starting the show "Throwdown" where he challenges a local expert into a food challenge based on their expertise. I got the Mango & Spice Crusted Tuna (with pine nut couscous) and the husband got Ancho Honey Glazed Salmon, and we shared an Anaheim Chile Relleno stuffed with black beans, white cheddar and rice. The spice combinations and spices were fantastic. My husband said that the salmon would have been just okay, but that the sauces made things more interesting and made the dish. The Chile Relleno was to die for. Unfortunately, I realized at the end of the meal, that I didn't take any pictures. Actually, my husband reminded me: "Hey, foodie, you forgot the pictures!" So here's all you are going to get:

After dinner, we headed over to our Cirque show, Love. When we picked up our tickets, we were given two for one drink tickets to the Mirage's Beatle themed lounge, Revolution. We headed over and enjoyed a couple of mai tai's before the show. I am a huge Beatles fan, so the lounge just got me more pumped up for the show. The show was like the Disney movie "Fantasia" for Beatles songs, except way trippy and with incredible acrobats/dancers. I really loved it. Here are a couple pictures in the lounge, no pictures allowed in the theater:

The last day, we had a buffet breakfast at "Le Village Buffet" at Paris, which is known as one of the better buffets in town. I loved the made to order crepe station, where I got a strawberry chocolate crepe. We aren't buffet people, and we realize this, but we had more coupons for this and so it ended up being less expensive than our breakfast the day before, and it filled us up until dinner, so it worked well. It was a great couple of date nights in Vegas, and we loved the view from our room:


  1. Your trip to Vegas looks fun. I loved the Burger Bar, which I discovered during a visit for a trade show at Mandalay Bay. The view from your hotel room was awesome!

  2. What a gorgeous view from your room! We ate at Burger Bar a few trips ago, and we plan to eat at Mesa Grill during our trip this fall.

  3. Hi! I found your blog from a Vegas Review on the Travel Board on The and was wondering where you stayed and what you thought about it, if you have some time to tell me. Thanks to your review, our trip in August will be so much better!

    Thanks so very much!