Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Grilled Mahi Mahi in Poke Marinade

I was in the mood for fish this weekend and decided to stop by Lazy Acres, Santa Barbara's local answer to Whole Foods (although I can't wait until we get our own Whole Foods in December!). Lazy Acres has pretty good fish, and I love going in, looking at the case, and just pointing to what looks good. Mahi Mahi fit the bill, and right above the seafood case was a "Hawaiian Poke Marinade" by Santa Monica Seafood that I had to buy as an impulse buy. One of the main reasons I love Hawaii as much as I do is the food, and I still have dreams of our Ahi Poke from Mama's Fish House on our November Maui trip. So even though I had just picked out Mahi Mahi, not Ahi, I ran with it. The fish grilled up wonderfully and tasted like steak, I loved the thick, meaty texture. The marinade was okay. I thought it was fine, but the husband really didn't like it and pulled out some soy sauce to try and mask the marinade flavors. Too much sesame oil for his tastes, I think. But now we know that Mahi Mahi is great on the grill, and next time, I will marinate with my favorite island style marinade, Soy Vay Island Teriyaki. There isn't much of a recipe for this one, and I don't have nutrition info, so I'll just post the pretty picture and you guys can consider this a product review for the marinade.

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