Thursday, January 29, 2009

Book Review - "Bitter is the New Black" - Jennifer Lancaster

Book #2 for 2009 is "Bitter is the New Black" by Jennifer Lancaster, a memoir written by a high level executive who loses her job after the dot-com bust in 2001. This book reminded me of the "Shopaholic" series because the main "character" is pretty self-centered and name brand oriented at the beginning of her journey, but her grasp on real life and how to be a good person changes through her downward spiral into poverty. I enjoyed the voice that Jen uses throughout this book, she is very honest with herself and her flaws while still being willing to complain about people that upset her during the process. I also found it incredibly interesting since she was in the world of media/advertising sales during the time of her firing (my current career) in the middle of a rough economy. She speaks a lot of the cruddy treatment she got at many of her interviews, and it kind of opened my eyes about companies not being the most ethical during a "buyers" market for companies. All in all, a good read.

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