Monday, January 5, 2009

Broiled Halibut (adapted from WW recipe)

This is a good standby for any type of light textured whitefish (tilapia, halibut, sole) that you would like to cook in a way that doesn't include a ton of butter (my favorite fish preparation is guilty of pretty much boiling fish in butter, not so healthy). So, for my first blog of the year and my first home cooked meal of the year, I tried this with halibut from Costco. Unfortunately, it has been a while since I cooked this recipe and forgot it needed lemon juice. I added white wine instead and the pyro in me was highly entertained by watching the alcohol go up in flames in the toaster/broiler. I served this with wheat pilaf from a box (like couscous but I have a tendency of eating an entire box of couscous when I'm not thinking straight, and this stuff is way too filling for that) and some steamed broccoli. Good healthy start to the year, though I do recommend the lemon juice over the wine.

Broiled Halibut
2 Halibut filets, about 5 oz each
1 spray cooking spray (I prefer butter flavored)
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1 Tbs lemon juice (I used wine, but lemon juice is better. Don't use OJ, the sugar will burn)
2 tsp garlic herb seasoning (or lemon pepper, or your preference)
Preheat broiler. Coat shallow baking dish or broiler pan with cooking spray. Season both sides of fish with salt & pepper. Transfer to broiler pan. Drizzle with lemon juice and top with seasoning. Broil until fish is fork tender (about 5 minutes for thin fish pieces, the size shown here took about 10 minutes).

Nutrition info per serving of fish: 199 calories, 4.2 g fat (.6 Sat, 1.3 Poly, 1.4 Mono), 37.8 g protein, .5 g Carbs, 0 g fiber.

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