Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sauteed Grouper + Roasted Broccoli

I was in the neighborhood of my favorite fresh fish market here in Santa Barbara (yet another reason why I love it here), and decided to stop in and pickup some of the yummiest fish ever, the local halibut. Well, they were out, so I asked for my next favorite, Petrale Sole. They were out of that as well (the fish dude said it was late in the day and they are always swamped when the weather is nice, which it was, 79 degrees for the high!). I asked for the next best available whitefish and was given Mexican Grouper. Note to self: Always chat with fish dude more when cooking a new type of fish. The fish was of supreme quality and was very good, but my normal recipe for sauteed whitefish (like halibut, sole, tilapia) just didn't seem like the best preparation for this type of fish. I think next time I will try this marinated and grilled instead. The broccoli is based on this recipe from allrecipes for cauliflower, but I'd heard it works well for broccoli as well, and it is now one of our favorite ways of enjoying broccoli.

Sauteed Grouper (my recipe)
2 5 oz Grouper Filets (or lighter whitefish like halibut, sole or tilapia)
2 Tbs Butter
2 Cloves Garlic
Seafood Seasoning
Fresh Chopped Parsley (optional)

Coat fish filets in seafood seasoning. Melt butter over low heat and add minced garlic. Cook over low heat. Butter shouldn't bubble much, the idea is to get the butter infused with garlic, see picture. Increase heat to medium high and add fish. Saute until cooked through (no longer opaque or pink). Top with butter from pan and (if available), fresh chopped parsley

Roasted Broccoli
8 oz Fresh Broccoli florets (try to have medium sized pieces, too big or too small doesn't turn out as well)
2 Tbs Olive Oil
2 Garlic Cloves
Salt & Pepper to taste

Mix Oil and Garlic in a gallon zipper storage bag. Add broccoli and mix very well (all the florets should have a little glisten to them from the oil). Pour into a shallow roasting pan and spread out evenly. Roast at 375 for 20-25 minutes or until broccoli reaches desired consistency and is just starting to brown.

Nutrition Info. for Fish: Calories: 304.6, Fat: 15.7g (7.8g Sat, 1.8g Poly, 4.7g Mono), Carbs: 1, Fiber: .1
Nutrition Info for Broccoli: Calories: 155.6, Fat: 13.9g (1.9g Sat, 1.3g Poly, 10g Mono), Carbs: 6.9g, Fiber: 3.5g

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