Saturday, February 7, 2009

Restaurant Review: Lucky's SB

Every once and a while, I think I will be throwing in pictures and comments from restaurants. Yesterday was my husband's birthday, and we went to Lucky's here in Santa Barbara (Montecito, the glamorous celebrity area of town, to be exact). This was a very special treat and pretty much my entire birthday gift for my husband. We don't treat ourselves like this very often. I wish I had more pics of the actual food, but we inhaled most of it. Our meals started with an Ahi Tuna Tartar appetizer which reminded me of Hawaii (I want to go back!). Our main entrees were NY Strip steak for each of us with clarified butter on the side for the hubby and peppercorn cream sauce on the side for me (we pretty much didn't touch the sauces, the steaks are just that good). Since the menu was a la carte, we chose our own sides, and we got the creamed corn (sounds like amatuer hour, but probably my favorite part of the meal) and onion strings (cooked in a way that they actually seem appropriate for such a high caliber restaurant). Much thanks to my friend & coworker who steered us in the right direction on the sides. You know who you are, and girl, you know your fine dining! They surprised us at the end with a fancy sundae served in a martini glass, which is unfortunately, the only real chance I got at taking pictures. We just aren't that patient when it comes to food. I did get a picture of one lone corn kernel that escaped my wrath (I ate every other kernel!) and we had the server take our picture, too. My husband loved his birthday, and I hope it helps him make it through the next couple of busy weeks we have ahead of us!

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