Tuesday, March 31, 2009

3 Posts in 1 - Books 9, 10 & 11

Normally, I would post each of these books separately, but since they are all young adult books in series format, I thought I would blog all at once. I read the first two books in "The Princess Diaries" series ("The Princess Diaries" and "Princess in the Spotlight") and the "Gossip Girl" prequel "It had to be You." I thought the Princess Diaries books, like the Sisterhood books, were very cute and and appropriate for the age range they are targetting. I loved the awkwardness of the character, as I think most women remember feeling that awkward at one time, so it was a very sweet aspect to the books. I have to be careful with "Gossip Girl," since the franchise is owned by my company. I could see how this particular genre of young adult fiction would be appealing to some, but this book really wasn't my thing. I'm not a high fashion kind of girl, and the books are very focused on the finest of designer names. I could also see how this would make for great guilty pleasure TV, so I can see where the success of the series comes from. I won't be reading another "Gossip Girl" book, but I'm glad both the book and TV series are doing so well.

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