Sunday, June 14, 2009

My most ambitious dish yet!

When we were in Vegas, we ate at Mesa Grill, which is a Bobby Flay restaurant. We both really enjoyed our food, but my husband was disappointed when he overheard the waiter telling another patron that HIS favorite dish was my husband's second choice, the New Mexico Spiced Pork Tenderloin with Ancho Bourbon Sauce. My husband's glazed salmon was very good, but he really felt like he missed out on this dish, so I was so excited to see this was one of the dishes on Bobby Flay's website. I knew I just had to try it at home. What an adventure this was! From finding all the ingredients (even in California, where the grocery stores carry lots of dried chiles, some of these were hard to find) to starting the sauce at 2:00 today for dinner at 6:00, I knew this was going to be a meal to remember. Thankfully, the meal was memorable because it was awesome. The New Mexican spice rub was slightly sweet, like a Mole, and the ancho bourbon sauce was really spicy on its own (as I learned when I did a taste test of the sauce alone, yikes!), but complemented the meat really well and wasn't too alcoholic, although we were worried in the early stages of the sauce when the bourbon was cooking down! My husband (yes, the one who fears pork) actually went back to snatch up the little end pieces of pork and dip them in the leftover sauce. I'm probably overly proud of this meal (I kept calling myself the Iron Chef all night), but it just feels really good to make a meal that we would have ordered at a really nice restaurant. Recipe can be found here.

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