Monday, June 8, 2009

Santa Barbara Bike Fest

The most exhausting mountain bike race of the year has got to be the one that is closest to home, the Santa Barbara Bike Fest at Elings Park. The course is located on a beautiful bluff overlooking my favorite childhood beach. Part of what makes this a tiring course is that there are numerous spots on the course where spectators can see the racers, so I spend a lot of time literally running around to try and see the guys and/or take pictures. Another tiring aspect is that the coordination of water bottle hand offs is tedious at this race (the elite racers do 4 laps of the course, meaning 3 opportunities for hand offs). Finally, this is a race where so many people we know show up that it is quite the social event, and there is never a chance to just sit and relax. Thank goodness the car ride home is only 15 minutes long! Here are some pictures of the big day:
I showed up late, but still in time to watch John finish strong
And Luke, finishing his 3rd race of the weekend!
Roger on the starting climb
Steve showcasing the beautiful view from the bluff
All smiles and dirt at the finish for our talented team!

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  1. Wow - looks like a fun event and I'm sure the scenery was beautiful!